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Vision Factory

Vision Factory is an application I began to develop in April 2005. It allows me to quickly prototype interactive animations (loaded as plugins) by providing a context in which external datas (such as webcam feed, microphone input, …) can be retrieved and analyzed according to what a particular scene decides to use. At some point, I was really frustrated to copy&paste blocks of code each time I wanted to rapidly build a new animation. Vision Factory now acts as a kind of shell and is intented to be a kind of platform in the near future to perform live visual shows by allowing transitions and real-time scenes parameters tweaking.
One month ago, I was invited to a “street-artists” show in France called ‘Le Lapin Electrique Tour’ and was asked to present an interactive piece. I used Vision Factory to create a particle effect controlled by movement detected in front of a webcam. Sprites were drawn by Eko and Supakitch, it resulted in funny particles popping everywhere on the screen.

Other Videos here.

Vision Factory
Vision Factory


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