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Vision Factory - ARToolkitPlus

Despite a real slowdown of Vision Factory’s development since the beginning of the summer, I’ve taken the time to integrate ARToolkitPlus, built upon ARToolkit. Basically it is a computer vision library allowing the tracking of physical patterns with one single camera in real time. Plug a camera, print markers on papers, let the lib get their position and orientation and you’re all set to draw 3D objects on your image feed. This is nearly software plug’n'play ! I made some videos, which were directly exported from Vision Factory application itself :

Besides, I’ve also come up with a complete redesign of the application network architecture. Now every protocol distributing tasks for each computers through osc comes as a completely independent dynamic library for Vision Factory, whose instances can load them as simple plugins. Plug’n'play again!

Summer times!


C’est dement.

Posted by soixante15 on 5 August 2006 @ 11pm

Pas mieux que soixante15. Ah si! Terrific and amazing…

Posted by Anthony on 10 May 2007 @ 11pm

Wondeful! Really… you’ve built a great lib :)

Posted by Worthstream on 11 June 2007 @ 9pm

How is your Vision Factory project doing?

I’m looking for a way to use AR markers in Processing on Mac, and I could really use your work now :)

Posted by Merlin on 17 June 2009 @ 3pm

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