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MacBookPro with Processing

So this is it. I finally got my hands on a brand new MacBookPro notebook, being my first Macintosh computer I have ever owned. The switch from PC/Windows was less difficult than I first thought, though I am still feeling a bit uncomfortable with the keyboard and shortcuts (” Where the hell are the ‘{}’ chars ? “). Of course, this is very little pain compared to the difficulties I have been encountering for some time now with my slowly-dying three years old laptop : broken keyboard and dvd device, usb ports switching on an off randomly, unbearable fan noise and heat, degrading Windows operating system, and on and on … Anyway, I installed BootCamp, so I am still able to develop Windows applications which was very important for continuing developping VisionFactory on that platform.

I brought it to the second Processing workshop I animated in Craslab (Paris) last week-end. It went super well, again with lovely participants and organizers. Cheers to them ! For the occasion, I had coded a very little application based on Dan Shiffman SMS library and directly inspired from his particles example. It’s basic and brute force codeing, but still it is fun. By the way, it produced small Oooohs and Aaaahs when I showed it to the workshop audience, guess it was time to show how to install and use libraries in Processing.

Download source code.

Photo and video were shot by Mike, who just released his new website yesterday, exposing his masterpiece paintings.


Cest pas trop tôt :-)
C’est quand même la classe les touches du claviers éclairées par dessous.
Tu bosses bientôt pour VisionFactory sur Wii ?

Posted by 75 on 9 December 2006 @ 5pm

Hey :-)
Je crois qu’il est possible de brancher leur manette à un PC/Mac, des geeks ont déjà écrit les drivers … Alors pourquoi pas oui ;-)

Posted by v3ga on 9 December 2006 @ 8pm

{} are Alt+8 and Alt+9 on my (German) Apple-Keyboard. :-D

Posted by Ralph Ammer on 13 December 2006 @ 11am

Bien le player de Vimeo.

Posted by Cédric on 17 December 2006 @ 6pm

Ahh great to see you make use of the SMS libary :) Looks great, just thought I would let you know I featured you on my blog for your blobDetection library, you can check out the post here.


Thank you very much for your works, and if you ever get a chance I would love to collaborate with you on a mutlimodal input device :)

Posted by nui on 12 February 2007 @ 1am

Laptop con sensor de gravedad…

Curioso video en el que una laptop parece responder al movimiento físico. Creado a partir de una librería de sensor de movimiento y hecho con código del software Processing….

Posted by meneame.net on 17 February 2007 @ 10pm

Hi there, any chance you could let me know your contact info? We may need your help for a consumer electronics client project. Appreciate your quick response.

Posted by Remington on 13 April 2007 @ 5am

[...] So, nobody is going to invent something critical for the masses that requires them to tilt around their laptop causing hard drive heads to be “parked“, but it’s a nice to know that something is available for this kind of insanity. Browsing through the web for Processing examples, I came across v3ga who is pretty big on animation. He has made a gravity application that animates balls falling down the screen, and if the laptop is tilted the SMS interface is used to move the balls towards the center of gravity – as if they were balls inside a container that was being tilted around! A video of the application in use can be found here: http://v3ga.net/blog/2006/12/pomme-damour/ [...]

Posted by M3net » Blog Archive » Apple Sudden Motion Sensors on 2 August 2007 @ 8pm

i tested this out and it works fine. Only problem I am having is when i tilt my MacBook Pro, the balls move the opposite way gravity pulls. Where is this happening at in the code??

Posted by Rye on 20 November 2007 @ 1am

The balls are moved by a gravity force, check out “GravityForce” class, that’s where the motion sensor is taken into account for calculations.

Posted by v3ga on 21 November 2007 @ 11am

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