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Gravity around the world


As part of the Siana festival, Gravity was exposed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and in Nanchang, China.
The application was reworked @2Roqs to accept the management of unicode characters and better filtering of incoming sms messages, through a web application interface.

Crea numerica

Stones & Silicium

I was invited to give a two days workshop on Processing and a conference about free and open source code-related software in the city of Beirut in Lebanon. This was part of the Crea Numerica event, which gathered several francophone artists during one week.
As usual, such events are appropriate to meet interesting people, and I had good times with Fred & Jean-Marie of SlidersLab. Also, I discovered “Le Temple des Montagnes”, a simple and yet beautiful installation by swiss artist Camille Scherrer.

Photo shot in the Bacchus temple in Baalbek.

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